Décor ideas for pergolas in your garden

Landscaping of backyard and garden never fails to amuse house owners because who doesn’t like adding a finishing touch to their house. Styling your backyard or garden with pergolas Brisbaneincredible ideas can add a fun spot to your house. 

You can build a pergola beside your pool, across the entry passage, or simply in the middle of your garden. Are you excited to add that beauty spot to your house? 

What is a Pergola?

Pergola is a well-built and appropriately designed shaded area that can serve as a sitting area, barbeque spot, or cover the walkway. It is a sturdy structure supported by beams and polls that can be covered as required. 

It could be an extension to your home where you can spend your leisure time and host fun parties. People have different purposes for setting up pergolas Brisbane style in their houses, and the next section will give you incredible ideas for it. 

How are you going to use the Pergola? 

One of the best questions to ask yourself before investing in a pergola is what will be the use of this extension. You can stir up creative juices in your brain and decide accordingly. There are some great uses of pergolas mentioned below for your reference. 

  • Sitting area in the garden: If you love to have an isolated and quiet area to yourself for a relaxing cup of coffee, then this idea is for you. It will be placed in the middle of the garden with proper shade on the top and a table and benches under it. 
  • Outdoor entertainment: The size of the pergola depends upon what kind of entertainment you plan to do in it. A larger one will be suitable for movie sessions, and a moderately sized one will function as a DIY bar or barbeque spot for your parties. You can also construct it according to the number of guests you plan to host. 
  • Décor piece: A decorative pergola will be the best choice for people who have a thing for plants. It can be a greenhouse for your mini garden or the best place to build your nursery. 

You can brainstorm your ideas and use the pergola accordingly. If you’re already planning on decorative ideas, don’t rush because the next section is all about it. 

Best Ways to Decorate your Pergola

The lattice structure of the pergola is the best feature about it that sparks creativity in house owners. Let us explore some fantastic ideas related to decorating a pergola in your garden or backyard. 

  • Colourful fabric: Hanging vibrant fabric and long curtains around your pergola can make it an instant spot for leisure time. A wind chime will be a cherry on the cake, giving you soothing vibes. 
  • Artisanal pergola: There are decorative beams with carvings on them if you love carvings and architectural pieces. It can have an open space or lattice roof on top to cover during the rainy season or snowfall. 
  • Lighting: One can make the pergola star of their house by decorating it with a series of rice lights on lattice and beams. Such designs will stand out from the rest of your house. 

Do not forget to consider the strength of the material and the wind or snowfall load it can endure. It plays a crucial role in making it durable without you having to invest in it repeatedly. 

There are plenty of ideas to explore, but the most straightforward approach for setting up a beautiful pergola is to keep it minimal. This will be less daunting in maintenance and remain eye-catchy in the long run. 

Always make sure that it has a considerable amount of shade for spending a relaxing time under your pergolas Brisbane.

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