A Brief History of Australian Merino Wool

Wool has been used in clothing since time immemorial. The styles and ways have evolved over the years, contributing to the growing clothing industry. Merino sheep in Spain originally developed merino wool, and only in 1797 was it introduced into Australia. 

Australian Merino wool plays a significant role in producing some of the finest products like wool bedding, home interiors, luxury clothing, high-performance sportswear like knitwear women’s clothing, etc. 

Many fashion designers love this wool for its unique fibre quality and versatility. 

How is the wool made?

The world is moving towards sustainable living and farming options, and so are Aussies! Merino wool is made with the help of farming practices that are sustainable and help produce the finest wool quality. 

Merino wool farming is done naturally, unlike synthetic wool, industrially produced in non-renewable ways. All that is needed to produce this wool are some natural elements, including sunshine, water, fresh air, grass, and Merino sheep!

The sheep produce a new fleece every year, making the wool a renewable fibre for production. It is rich in keratin with a small amount of calcium, sodium, and fat. Thus, it helps in producing very fine quality wool.

If you’re fond of using woollen felts, quilts, bedsheets, or wearing knitwear women’s clothing, you will find some of the best options in Merino woollens. 

What are the different types of Merino wool?

If you thought Merino wool has only one type available, you’re mistaken. Not all wool that’s produced is the same. Different types differ in quality. 

Let’s look at three main categories that Merino wool is divided into. 

  1. Fine Wool

This category is made with the finest micron that comes from Merino sheep. It is used for high-quality and delicate fabrics and knitting yarns. You will mostly find some of the highest and finest fashion houses opting for this wool to create their masterpieces. 

  1. Medium Wool

This type can be produced by a breed of Merino or by crossbreeding. You can find a number of knitting yarns, woven apparel clothes, and furnishings made with this medium micron wool. 

  1. Broad Wool

Various sheep breeds produce broad wool. These are more commonly known as dual-purpose breeds because they are farmed for both purposes – meat and wool. This type of wool is primarily used for products like carpets because it is more durable. 

Merino Wool Farming in Australia 

The Merino wool industry in Australia has seen significant advancements and growth in the past several years and contributes widely to the country’s economy. The industry supports many rural and regional communities with over 60,000 Australian farmers working in it. Many of these farmers are running a family business of many generations. 

Australia is home to one of the most advanced wool industries globally. It has all the efficient and highly developed market systems. Additionally, it has a well-trained workforce whose hard work helps produce this fine wool.

Now that you’re aware of the history of Merino wool and how it’s made, take a moment to appreciate any piece of clothing or bedding the next time you purchase it. The amount of hard work and effort put into creating a masterpiece with this wool are extensive. 

This beauty of Merino wool attracts many customers to purchase one of the finest wool products in the country.

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