Importance of Teak Furniture

When constructing garden and patio furniture, teak wood is frequently regarded as the material of choice. Teak is deserving of its position at the head of the pack since it has worked hard to get it. Choosing teak outdoor furniture is brilliant for several reasons, including its being durable and long-lasting.


Teak is known for its exceptional strength and durability, and it can withstand a broad range of weather conditions without requiring any upkeep. This is because teak wood has a significant amount of oil and rubber, both of which render it impenetrable to the effects of rain, weather, and insects, rendering it nearly immune to decay. In addition, the teak will not distort, twist, or splinter due to this treatment over time.


Teak is used to survive for generations without needing different finishes or treatments. When first purchased, teak furniture has a warm, golden tone, but as time passes and it is exposed to the elements, the colour changes to a silvery grey patina. The length of time it takes for furniture to get weathered is variable and is determined by the quantity of sun exposure and the location in which it is left. An occasional washing with soapy water and a soft nylon brush is required to remove surface stains, moss, and grime. Additionally, teak may be cleaned to restore its golden hue, regardless of how old the wood may be. In addition, a large variety of teak maintenance and enhancement solutions are available, ranging from finishes to sealers, to assist you in achieving the precise appearance that you like for your furniture.


Teak wood is capable of self-temperature regulation, which enables it to maintain a cool temperature in the summer and a warm temperature in the winter. This eliminates problems that frequently arise with other materials such as metal, which, during the summer months, may become extremely hot, and during the winter months, can become extremely cold.


Teak is a construction material that is both renewable and good for the environment. It is possible to cultivate it in sustainable plantation forests that the government maintains in nations like Indonesia and Belize. More trees are planted to take the place of those cut-down, ensuring that teak will continue to be a valuable resource for future generations. Discover more about our commitment to the environment by reading our Ecological Statement.


It is essential to remember that not all teak is the same, even though it is a very long-lasting and highly prized type of wood. There are several grades, ranging from A to C, and they are: Heartwood, which originates from the middle of the tree and contains the highest concentration of oils, is sometimes referred to as Grade A teak. Heartwood comes from the trunk of the tree. This is essential to its ability to withstand the environment outside. 


The use of teak wood for constructing ship hulls and sailing decks may be traced back to England, where the first teak furniture was made. The teak recovered from these decommissioned ships and decks was used to construct traditional-looking seats made of mortise and tenon. As the popularity of teak benches increased, more teak outdoor furniture began to be created with teak, producing a rich heritage of teak garden furniture, many of which were placed on essential estates. Teak garden furniture has a long history that dates back to the early 20th century. Several classic benches, such as the Lutyens bench, are still used in homes and businesses today. Teak is a wood with a rich and storied past, and you can honour that heritage by incorporating teak into your house, garden, or place of business.

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