8 Steps to pot gardening

If you are a garden enthusiast, you will like to try different kinds of gardening and bring change to the look of your garden once in a while. One of the kinds of gardening every gardener should try is pot gardening. Pot gardening is an art through which you can bring the instant change you need. You can grow gorgeous plants in any part of your home.

Here are the steps to follow in creating a pot garden:

Choosing pots

Buy pots suitable for your home, considering the colour and design. You can also choose contrast ones for a lot more attention. Many online platforms are available offering pots in different colours, patterns and sizes. Before buying, look for the quality and material of your choice. Also, check whether the pot has good drainage to save the roots from early decaying. 

Prepare the pots 

Sometimes, you would like the pot’s design, not the colour, or it may miss the drainage hole. You can drill a hole yourself, paint the pot with your favourite colour, and leave it dry for twenty-four hours. The preparation process will also include placing the pots in appropriate places.

Fill the container with soil.

After making sure the paint is completely dry, add soil. Ensure you use the best soil for your plants. Only fertile soil can help you grow healthier plants. So, don’t compromise on the quality of the soil. You can add fertilisers, but natural nutrients available in the soil cannot be overlooked. 

Do not fill the soil to the brim of the pot. Leave a couple of inches as space. This space can function as a water reservoir and give essential hydration to your plants. Thus, when you buy pots, ensure they are a couple of inches more than the actual need.

Provide the first good boost 

Add natural fertilisers to the soil to nourish your plant with nutrition. This will help the plant grow fast, form roots till the bottom of the pots, and create larger blooms. It also helps with other processes of the plants like photosynthesis, transpiration, etc.

Choose and pick the plants.

Choose the plants according to flower types, colours and the height of their growth. Also, pre-plan considering the growing conditions a plant needs. Certain plants need good sunlight, and others only grow in the shade. So, if you have planned to keep a particular pot in a specific place, ensure that plants will be comfortable growing there.

Prepare the plants

The first step in preparing your plants is to clean them thoroughly. If you find any spent blooms or yellow and dry leaves, get rid of them. Roots are bound to be damaged most of the time; cut the exact damaged or decayed parts so that new roots grow. You can also trim them to obtain the uniform size of all plants. 


If you find healthy tall plants along with short plants, you can cut them. If you do not want to cut, plant the tall ones in the middle and relatively short ones around it. After you plant, please do not press the soil downwards but move it to the pot’s side. This will give additional protection to the plants and save them from sliding off.


Once you have completed planting and securing the plant, give a long drink to the plant. However, please do not overdo it, especially during the rainy season.

Finally, repeat the same with all the plants and pots you have bought and place them securely. Take good care of the plants by monitoring them regularly till you find them growing. After this, periodically check the plants, clean the weeds, add fertilisers and water them. Enjoy the flowers and their scent and be happy. 

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