Construction Site Cabins Providing a site office for their construction site is one of the many uses for portable buildings

Portable cabins are often a great way to provide more space when needed. They can be an ideal solution for people limited by location or size of the area. This means that sites are able to make the most of their available space in order to meet all of their working needs.

One of the benefits of on-site construction is that site preparation can be completed whilst the unit is still in the factory, reducing any delays and shortening project delivery time. Another convenient advantage is that the cabin kits have included all the materials needed, which means they can be assembled on-site in just a day; this saves the construction company time and money and also means they are being environmentally friendly. The construction site cabin can serve a number of functions. The most obvious use of cabins on a construction site is to provide a secure base of operations for the foreman or site leader. In this space, away from the problems of the elements and rain damage, the foreman can liaise with architects, clients and suppliers.

The top of your building or the exterior walls are also a great place to store site diagrams, plans and safety documentation. Not only is it an accessible area, but it also offers some protection against weather conditions. In situations with large projects like housing estates, schools, and factories, it is absolutely essential to have a central base of operations. This will ensure efficiency and provide a space to manage the teams of contractors involved. Thirdly, they can also be used as recreational spaces and catering facilities, especially for longer projects where staff need to take lunch breaks, having a sheltered area with space for ideas to be discussed can be really useful.

Break rooms are shared spaces where staff can gather before starting their shifts, to do things like receive instructions or post notices on the board about important news.

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