Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Ovens

Do you want to cater to a bigger crowd at your café or restaurant? So if you happen to have a food-related business, a commercial-grade oven is one of the most critical assets you need to have at your disposal. Therefore, it becomes crucial to buy the best equipment to best suit your needs.

Commercial ovens come in various sizes and capacities and offer different features. Therefore, buying the ideal product for your business needs can get tricky. However, you are lucky since coming up is a concise guide of all points you should keep in mind while buying a commercial oven. So let’s get started.

Factors You Must Consider While Buying Commercial Ovens

From the size of the oven to its efficiency and features, here are some of the most crucial factors that you must consider to get yourself the best deal.

Size of the Oven

Ask yourself how much space you have in your kitchen to install the oven before hitting the market. This will help you decide the exact size you need to go for. And other than the available space, you must consider the capacity of your business as well.

You must find answers to questions like how many food items you need to cook simultaneously? How long does it take to cook and serve them? These questions will help you find the ideal commercial-grade oven for your business kitchen.

Gas or Electric Powered Ovens

Gas and electric-powered ovens are both used for different cooking styles and purposes. Therefore, it is essential to look into your food business to find out which one will work best for you.

The usage cost of a gas oven is low as compared to electric ovens. However, the installation cost is much higher compared to electric ovens. Moreover, a gas-based oven takes less time to preheat than an electric oven. But, an electric oven will help you cook your food more evenly than a gas-based oven.

Types of Commercial Ovens

After dialling down on the size, and the power supply of your next commercial oven, you need to finalise the type of oven you want to go for. And this is a factor that comes in with the most choices.

There are several types of commercial ovens that are designed to fit different needs. Some of them are as follows.

Convection Commercial Ovens

These ovens have fans to provide air circulation to the cooking equipment. This helps increase ventilation inside the oven, which, in turn, helps cook the food more evenly and quickly. For this reason, these types of ovens are ideal for baking muffins, bread, and other bakery products.

Conventional Ovens

Also known as radiator ovens, these are the most popular commercial ovens and can be used to cook almost any sort of food. However, one major disadvantage of this type of oven is that it cannot spread the heat evenly inside the oven. And this can result in undercooked or overcooked food.

Conveyor Ovens

As the name indicates, these ovens come with a conveyor belt. So you put the food in a conveyor, it goes inside the oven and comes out cooked. With its fast cooking and efficient energy consumption, this oven is ideal for large businesses where a huge quantity of food needs to be cooked in less time.

A commercial oven is the heart and soul of a food business that aims to put smiles on plates with their delicious delicacies. And since almost everything you cook has to go through an oven, you must ensure that you get your hands on the best commercial oven available.

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