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Ana Sofia Henao: Intro

The world of modeling might look very glamorous on the outside but in reality, it is a very tough place to be in. It is almost like the animal kingdom, and it runs on the principle of “eat or be eaten”. Along with that, even though the model might look like they get paid a lot of money, in reality, unless the person makes it very big in the modeling world and becomes a popular supermodel, like Gigi Hadid, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, and other such famous names, it is difficult to live off just by modeling. A lot of smaller models, therefore, have other streams of income along with them.

Today, in this article, we will meet a model who is one of the most well-known faces in Colombia.

Ana Sofia Henao: Look

Ana Sofia Henao is a model, writer, and illustrator from Medellin, Colombia. Although she is one of the most popular faces in Colombia, she is a very private person and not a lot is known about her early life, childhood, or schooling. It is also not known whether she has any siblings or not.

Ana Sofia Henao is a popular face in the world of modeling in Colombia. Apart from ramp walks, fashion shows, and campaigns, she is the face of several stationary brands there, which is why her face is often seen on many notebooks, notepads, etc.

Ana Sofia Henao was born on 19th June 1982 and had gotten into modeling from a pretty young age. When she was sixteen years old, she posted for a catalog of Onda de Mar swimsuits. Soon, she started getting recognized by other, bigger brands and was hired to model for their advertising campaigns. She has modeled for several recognized brands like Skechers, ManPower, and Crystal Oro. Along with that, she has also been the face of many stationary brands and other popular publications. She has appeared on the cover of See Elmage, SoHo, and the Venezuelan edit of Ocean Drive.

Ana Sofia Henao

Creative Touch

In 2016, she ventured into writing and illustrations and collaborated for her writing and illustrating debut with the publication of the young adult book, Belinda: Princess of Fire.

Ana Sofia Henao got engaged to her longtime partner Max Santana in 2004. However, they separated in 2007. She was married to Alejandro Barreneche from 2007-2014. Sofia is now married to Juan Pablo Betancur. She has a son.

Ana Sofia Henao is around 5’8.5″ in height and around 65 kilos in weight. She has an Instagram page where she has 1.3 million followers.

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