Kaia Faith

Kaia Faith: Bio, Age, Family, Net Worth

Who Is Kaia Faith?

Kaia Faith
Kaia Faith

Kaia Faith was born as a loving child to two influential wrestlers who have now retired from the profession, yet retained their fame. The Undertaker is one of the most known celebrities worldwide. Due to the massive popularity of both Kaia’s mom and dad, she has the same attention drawn to herself. Regardless, the couple is strict when it comes to the media and wants to keep Kaia out of any unnecessary bullshit. 

Kaia Faith’s Bio

Kaia Faith was born in Texas and hence, holds American citizenship. She was born in 2012 to The Undertaker and Michelle, who are both former wrestlers. Before The Undertaker and Michelle got into a relationship, The Undertaker already had a wife. Therefore, Kaia does have step-siblings, meanwhile, she’s the only biological kid of the duo. 

Physical Appearance Of Kaia

The blonde kid is kept out of reach by the paparazzi and the overall media, so only limited photos of her can be found online. Therefore, how she looks is a mystery. Also, her weight and height are not out for the public. 

Family tree of Kaia

Kaia Faith Family
Kaia Faith Family

Michelle McCool, who was a part of the WWE is the mother to Kaia while The Undertaker, the one who doesn’t need any intro, is Kaia’s dad. As of now, the couple has retired but continues to influence the wrestling industry in one way or another. Before Michelle, Mark was married to Jodi Lynn from 1989 – 1999. With Jodi, Mark gave birth to Gunner in 1993. By 2000, Mark married again with Sara and got divorced by 2007 as Mark was having an extramarital affair with Michelle. Mark had two offspring, both girls- Chasey and Gracie with Sara. And finally, in 2010, Mark married Michelle in Texas, and Kaia was born.

Early Life And Education Of Kaia

The eleven-year-old kid must be in her school life currently. Little to no information on her schooling details are available, so it’s only an assumption that she’s a school-going girl given her age. 

Professional Career Of Kaia

Whether Kaia chooses wrestling like her parents is still a mystery and we can only see it through in the coming years. As her parents prefer a secluded lifestyle for Kaia, her professional career or her dreams in life are not revealed.

Relationship status of Kaia

Well, it’s obvious that being an eleven-year-old kid, Kaia must be single. 

Awards And Achievements Of Kaia

Kaia Faith is only a school-going girl as of now. Her Achievements are quite unknown and not even her school progress is shared with the public. 

Is Faith Available On Social Media? 

Kaia and her appearances in public are rare including on social media networks. Given her age, it’s only fair that Kaia is nowhere on social media.

The Net Worth Of Kaia Faith 

Currently, Kaia is not earning and doesn’t have a net worth of her own. However, her both parents are millionaires with a net worth of $25 million together. 


Yet another celebrity kid, Kaia got a ticket to fame due to her parents’ establishment. Mark is a worldwide known wrestler known by his ring name The Undertaken. If you are a millennial and claimed that you don’t know who The Undertaker is, you would certainly be lying. However, for Mark Calaway and Michelle McCool, Kaia’s biological parents, fame is the least they wanted for Kaia.

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