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Kelli Pieratt Smith Introduction

The most amazing personality is known as Kelli Pieratt Smith is mostly known to be the mom of the actor who is very famous. The name of the actor is Montana Jordan and he has given some of his best performances due to which he has gained high fame also. Jordan was the person who played the role of Jaden Ferguson. He also appeared in the famous series which is known to be The Big Bang Theory. The most amazing role that you will get to check is Young Sheldon as Georgie Cooper in the 2017 year. 

Kelli Pieratt Smith Physical appearance

Kelli Pieratt Smith, the mother of the American actor, Montana Jordan was born and brought up in America and also her family has not revealed any other details publicly. She lies between the age of forty and forty-five. The weight is still not known.

Kelli Pieratt Smith Early life and education

The early life of the mother is not known much in brief. It is known that her family was very much comfortable and also supported her. The name of the school and also the high school from where she graduated is still not known to the people. She has earned a very good degree and also she has achieved good fame at her Institute. The famous American actress skyrocketed and then only she started to get more fame. However, not much information is known after all. 

Career as an Actress, Movies, Awards, and Achievements

After the marriage happened, Kelli Pieratt Smith was actually working as the best housewife and she looked after the family. Her husband is the best scriptwriter and also her son has done many other TV shows. She loves staying at home and her son sang the best tune which is known as My Father Was a Hunter then you will find that Montana Jordan also received the young artist reward for performing in the series The Talk and Steve.

Personal life : Kelli Pieratt Smith

Currently, you will find that Kelli Pieratt Smith is married to her husband Tony Jordan. The details about how they met or when they started to date are still not known to the people. The names of the children are Montana, Katelli, and Jaden. 

The net worth of Kelli Pieratt Smith

The net worth of the famous person is still not known to the exact. Her son earns a good sum of 600K dollars. She has done some commercials on television and also did advertisements for different products. 

social media:

She is not much active on Social media but She shared about the family and her husband’s pics on her Instagram id @smithkelkel. She has 1,048 followers, and 96 posts on her Instagram handle. Her son, Montana Jordan has more than ten thousand followers on his social media account. 


The personality Kelli Pieratt Smith is living a good and active life because her son is also earning a good amount of money. Her profession also includes doing some of the tv ads and also doing some of the best commercials in the sector of television only. 

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