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ABOUT: Major Glory

Justice friends! Assemble! These famous lines were said by none other than Major Glory. He was voiced by Rob paulsen. His first appearance was in Dial M for monkey. He is a true superhero with countless superhuman abilities. He is a male and he is kind of a meta-human species. Major Glory acts as a superhero in two universes. These two universes are attached to us in a nostalgic way because they are a part of our beautiful childhood. Powerpuff girls and Dexters Laboratory.

He is the leader of a group known as the – “Justice friend.” Not only that, he is the favorite superhero of the character Dexter. He was born to be raised to become the symbol of America’s spirit and had already begun training for it. He was under the guidance of his uncle Sam. He is the wielder of countless abilities and uses them wisely. He has also made a few comic appearances besides appearing in these shows. And his quote “Justin Friends, Assemble” is pretty famous.


He is a tall man and has a good physique like most superheroes in the world. His skin is light in color. He has an iconic golden mask and that mask is the reason his face is always hidden. No one has seen it under that. But his white teeth is perfectly visible. He has a good muscular physique. But that was early in the show, later his physique was toned down and mainly his legs were trimmed. His attire is patriotic, like Captain America. His costume is the color of the US flag. He is a superhero so he obviously has a cape too.


He was a great believer in his nation and did not let anyone break the constitution. He is proud of what he does and very patriotic as a person. Major Glory is courageous and is not afraid of enemies. Because of his outstanding qualities, he is viewed as an upstanding and inspirational person in the superhero community. He is popular with the news media and press. They show him and TV and the news. He is a neat maniac and is a germaphobe, this superhuman hero is literally afraid of germs. He will go to paranoid lengths for these fears. Maybe because his Uncle sam made fun of his fears. He is sentimental and dramatic.

Major Glory


He is a superhuman so he has superhuman strength too. He has displayed great strength in the show. Major Glory has always been proud of his super speed. Major Glory can clean up any mess and wash the dishes in less than a second. His third ability is flying, he can fly at high speeds in any environment. He also has X-ray vision. He can shoot lasers through his eyes which can burn things severely. His other powers include a special cloak that can hide him and enhanced super-strong armor.

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