Why Do You Need A Pool Enclosure?

A rapidly changing climate is making the days hotter and more humid. A dip in the pool can become highly uncomfortable with the sun shining brightly as ever, and this is where the pool enclosures can come to rescue. 

What are pool enclosures? 

Pool enclosures essentially mean and are barriers surrounding your swimming pool to keep it clean and protect it from foreign elements. A pool enclosure also protects you from the UV rays of the scorching sun when you decide to take a refreshing dip in the pool during the daytime.

Reasons why you should get a pool enclosure today.

Maintenance cost reduced

An outdoor swimming pool is a high-maintenance asset. The pool needs to be cleaned almost every day, and the fluctuating weather alters the temperature of the pool water. In such scenarios, pool owners must re-heat the pool before using it, which is a significant inconvenience. Enclosures will help you to keep your pool clean and, at the same time, will maintain the temperature of the pool water as they trap the sun’s heat and keep the pool warm at night.

Lowered cases of pets drowning

According to the Halifax Humane Society, approximately 5000 pets drown in backyard swimming pools each year. Pets need to be kept away from pools to avoid any drowning accidents, and if your pets do tend to roam around in the backyard often, then a pool enclosure is a necessity. Enclosures also make sure that the house pets do not ingest any water from the pool, which is harmful to them due to the presence of chlorine.

The intensity of evaporation lowered

Pool enclosures reduce the amount of evaporation of water that would occur in a pool that is not enclosed. Pool owners know how important it is for a swimming pool to have the correct ph balance. Enclosures, therefore, ensure lower water depletion and lower evaporation of chemicals needed in the pool. Evaporation of water from the pool also means that these essential chemicals will deplete, which leads to the breeding of bacteria and algal bloom. An enclosure, however, reduces the amount of evaporation of the pool water and its chemicals to a bare minimum.

Access to the pool in all seasons 

A backyard pool that is accessible all year round becomes a reality with the pool enclosure. A well-protected, secure, warm, and chemically-balanced pool can be enjoyed anytime in any season. Your friends, family, and the pool itself will love the enclosure.

Increases the value of your home and its aesthetic

Pool enclosures can be designed to fit perfectly with a well-planned house. Customized enclosures blend in with the interiors of the house and add to its beauty, thus building up the value of your home. If your home is on sale and it comes not only with an outdoor pool but also an ’enclosed’ outdoor pool, then there are high chances that it will perform well among buyers who have other options that have an open pool.

In conclusion, pool enclosures are absolutely essential for a hassle-free outdoor pool experience. A house in itself is a responsibility, a pool should not add to it, and a pool enclosure guarantees that and more. A enclosure will also bring peace of mind since you don’t have to constantly worry about cleaning the pool or, worse, your curious and lovable pets drowning when left unsupervised.

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