How to Avoid Feeding Your Baby Foods Containing Dangerous Levels of Heavy Metals

Currently, the problem of nutrition is actively emerging, because baby feeding is one of the most important components of a child’s existence and whole life. Numerous experiments, hundreds of research as well as people’s experience show that one of the causes of a baby’s eating disorder can be heavy metals concentrated in food, snacks, and in the child’s diet in general.

As a rule, a large amount of heavy metals in the child’s body causes the development of autism, the stress on the whole nervous system, and in general, it can make a child disabled. 

What kind of Heavy Metals Poison Babies? 

Mercury, lead, manganese, aluminum, and arsenic and It’s not a complete list of heavy metals contained in such foods as vegetables, fruits, and baby snacks created to facilitate baby teething.  According to scientists the highest concentration of toxic metals was found in rice and spinach.

How are Heavy Metals Harmful to Children’s Body?

Mercury is one of the strongest neurotoxins, which accumulates in the tissues of the brain as well as the spinal cord, and disrupts the neurological functioning of the entire body. Lead is the most widespread toxin in the environment.  It can enter the child’s body through polluted air and water.  Even the smallest level of lead in a child’s body has a crazy effect on the brain.

Manganese is one of the metals that is necessary for the baby’s body in a small dose.  This element is important for proper metabolism as well as for the development and strengthening of bones and wound healing, however, if the level of it in the body is too high, the child’s intellectual functioning decreases, and behavioral problems appear.

Aluminum is a very common heavy metal that is used in the production of tableware. The gathering and deposition of aluminum on the walls of the stomach, as well as in the circulatory system leads to a decrease in children’s attention, deterioration of memory, and subsequent problems with memorization.

How Does the Poison Get into Baby Food?

As a rule, it does not matter whether organic or inorganic products you choose, because the air, soil, and water used to grow them are polluted. It is impossible to completely control the entry process of heavy metals into the kid’s body, but it is possible to minimize the amount. 

Start with choosing the right feeding for your little one.  A lot of attractive cooking pots contain high levels of aluminum.  Instead of them, you can choose stainless steel or facilities made of cast iron.

The next step is to be careful with seafood, as it can contain high levels of mercury.  Poisonous substances enter rivers and seas due to toxic emissions from factories. If Atlantic fish such as cod, halibut, shark meat, or swordfish contain a very high amount of mercury, wild-caught salmon or Pacific sardines should be chosen instead. The next piece of advice is to give a child clean water. Such a simple method washes away all the toxic elements that enter the kid’s body.  

What Should You Feed a Baby to Prevent a High Content of Heavy Metals in the Diet?

The child’s diet needs to be as varied as it is possible. It will help to reduce the risk of toxicity of one product because it will be replaced with another. In addition, it will be easier for a kid to get a large number of trace elements and nutrients from natural products that are grown with no chemicals or pesticides such as best baby snacks.

For example, if a regular formula may be designed from ingredients that are grown with the help of chemicals, the formula may have a bad influence on the kid’s health. The same applies to all the products a kid is fed. Once you start c complementary feeding, you should take care of each element that enters its body because the properly selected products will take away the harmful intake of heavy metals on the organism even the snacks between meals matter e.g. best baby snacks made from natural products will be not only good nutritious but provide a baby with the energy during the day.

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