Why Is Massage Suitable During Pregnancy?

Melbourne has thousands of therapists, and the demand for massage services increases every day. The popularity of massage sessions heaves in the city, which necessitates more therapists. A massage session from experts can alleviate the stress and anxiety in every individual.

Massage from experts can elevate your mood and reduce anxious feelings. From lowering the heart rate to increasing the temperature of the soft tissues and releasing hormones, a massage session can help you reduce stress levels. During pregnancy, stress is usual in women as they experience discomforts and changes in daily life. If a pregnant woman is too stressed, she might encounter several health issues like high blood pressure.

With a heavy belly and sore back, pregnancy massage in Melbourne can be the safest approach for pregnant women to alleviate stress. As there are several options, it is better to select an excellent therapist to provide the best massage service. A general massage therapist can’t offer an obstetric massage so ensure you choose a specialist and book an appointment with a masseuse.

Perks of Pregnancy Massage Therapy

An obstetric massage assures numerous health benefits, and they are specified below.

Enhance the Quality of Sleep

Melatonin and serotonin production can improve with the help of a deep tissue massage. It widely helps to regulate sleep rhythms. The quality of sleep is crucial to maintaining a perfect health condition. A special massage session will alleviate pregnant women’s stress and anxiety levels.

Reduces Stress Hormones

Women who include obstetric massage as a part of prenatal care will reduce the stress hormone. Cortisol levels in the body will decrease, which allows a pregnant woman to experience good hormones. This instantly alleviates mood and immunity levels and reduces swelling in joints. During pregnancy, swelling, aka Oedema, is common and caused by reduced blood circulation and high pressure on blood vessels.  

Apart from swelling, pregnant women encounter various health problems like muscle pain, cramps and discomfort due to muscular tension. Unique massage therapy from a professional masseuse in Melbourne can alleviate such discomfort that women encounter during pregnancy.

Lowers Nerve Pain

Many women experience nerve pain in the last stages of childbirth. The uterus rests in the lower back muscles and pelvic floor, which increases the pressure that extends to the lower and upper leg muscles. Melbourne massage therapists help pregnant women reduce tension in the nearby muscles with prenatal care. Frequent massage sessions will reduce sciatic nerve pain throughout the pregnancy.

If you opt for regular pregnancy massage, it helps soften muscles stuck and stiff in this phase. This improves your breathing capability as the muscles around the lungs and thoracic area is softened, assuring more oxygen to the baby.

Lower back and hip pain are usual during pregnancy, and a good massage session can alleviate the pain. With an obstetric massage, your body releases hormones to soften the ligaments, making it easier to give birth naturally.

Reduce the Risk of Premature Birth

Premature birth is one of the issues that scare most pregnant women. Studies reveal that women who received prenatal massage therapy during pregnancy have lower risks of premature birth than women who didn’t receive pregnancy massage in Melbourne.

These are the known benefits of prenatal massage therapy, and many health centres offer the best massage sessions for pregnant women. Before you schedule an appointment, it is essential to find experienced and knowledgeable therapists in Melbourne. Ensure that they are well-trained to provide the proper treatment.

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