Why do Casinos Have Ugly Carpets?

The carpets at casinos are often known to be ugly with wild, bright designs. David Schwartz, director of the Center of Gaming Research at the University of Nevada, theorized that loud carpeting appeared to keep gamblers focused on slot machines and table games. There are people who believe his theories have something to them and others that think they’re a stretch of the imagination. 

Theories about the bad carpet designs

Whether the bad taste is deliberate or not is up for speculation. There are all kinds of theories about why the carpet designs in casinos are so ugly – everything from keeping gamblers from looking down or keeping them stimulated and awake. There is even the practical possibility that they are designed to hide stains easily.   

However, sites which offer online gambling games don’t have to worry about carpeting. Players can play from the comfort of their own homes at any time and from anywhere. But if they want to use an ugly rug while playing, it’s up to them.

The designs could be deliberate

It is not out of the realm of possibility that casinos deliberately choose gaudy carpets. They tend to use psychology to entice players to play for longer. Perhaps gamblers have to concentrate more when gaudy and garish carpeting is trying to capture their attention. Some of the best flooring options do create an atmosphere of energy and vibrancy in casinos. 

Experts say that finding subtle ways to keep eyes focused on gambling follows a tradition that dates back to before Las Vegas became a gambling city.  

Why beauty isn’t a consideration in casinos

Casinos are not designed to be beautiful because that doesn’t necessarily encourage play. Gambling is an experience that offers an adrenaline rush. Relaxing lounge furniture and beautiful accessories do not suit that experience. A more exciting carpet pattern is likely to create more of a high-paced, stimulating atmosphere. It creates the type of ambiance that can encourage gamblers to remain more alert and keep playing for longer. It’s not enough to provide games but to offer players the right type of playground in which to play. 

Flowers and wheels

Flowers and circular shapes dominate casino carpets, and many carpets use flowers and wheels. They perhaps give the impression to visitors that life and luck are fleeting, and they should eat, drink, be merry and gamble while they can. After all, their luck may not hold, and the next day could bring a change in fortune. 

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