Feeding Bra: From Bump to Baby

Not all superheroes are clad in caps; others are dressed in nursing bras. Yes, you may experience many discomforts when breastfeeding that your pre-pregnancy bra was not built to handle.

Your regular underwire and lace bras cannot accommodate the changes that occur while nursing. This may result in pain such as chafing and skin inflammation. 

Wearing a nursing bra has several advantages and can help you feel your best during this remarkable shift. They are created specifically for motherhood to provide the best support and comfort. There are numerous styles, options, and contradictory information available on the internet. However, selecting the proper bra may be highly perplexing. Do not be alarmed!

Skim through the glimpse of the options below while you buy a feeding bra online.

Thinking to Buy Feeding Bra Online: Options Lookout

A feeding bra can assist you throughout your childbearing journey. Additionally, appropriate support is critical to making your motherhood journey as comfortable as possible.

Consider the following options while planning to purchase a feeding bra online.

  • Look out for the nursing clips and see which you are more comfortable with. Nursing clamps allow you to lower the cup to breastfeed your new baby. Generally, feeding bras come with two nursing clips, a one-handed plastic breastfeeding clip and a magnetic clip. You may open the magnetic clip by twisting it and closing it with a magnetic pull. 
  • Back adjusters may also be a factor to consider. It is better to purchase a bra with additional hooks and adjusters to allow maximum expansion.
  • A Flexi wire is a flexible underwire bra that moves with your changing breast form. They provide great lift and support. These are ideal for larger busts wanting extra support and comfort. 
  • A wire-free bra is advised for the first few weeks of nursing and tender or sensitive breasts.
  • Consider a contoured cup (t-shirt) bra. It is significantly padded and constructed of a thicker material. Contoured cups flatter the breasts and conceal nipples.
  • Take a look at a soft cup bra with no padding or shape in the cup. The cup’s internal seams are covered to prevent discomfort and provide the necessary structure and support.
  • A multi-fit bra stretches to fit various cup sizes. Depending on the style, this can range from 2 to 9 sizes! Multifit designs stretch and grow with your changing body throughout. 
  • Some mothers prefer an A-frame feeding architecture because it covers more of the breast for discreet feeding. It provides extra support when the cup is dropped.
  • Sling feeding bras expose more of the breast (upper half) and allow more skin-on-skin contact between mum and baby.

Why Should I Wear Feeding Bra?

Are you still debating whether or not to purchase these feeding bras? The following benefits may persuade you to make the right choice:

  • Comfort is paramount when choosing a maternity or nursing bra. The Australian Breastfeeding Association advises underwire-free bras during breastfeeding. Because wire can compress the mammary glands, causing swelling, pain, and mastitis (during breastfeeding). 
  • Most feeding bras also double as nursing bras, featuring discreet but simple nursing clips for easy access and faster breastfeeding. It can also be worn as a nursing sports bra during postpartum exercise, providing optimum support and mobility.

Final Notes

Wearing clothing that makes you feel beautiful is just as vital as making you feel comfortable and supported! The support and comfort feeding bra undoubtedly boosts your confidence and gives you a sense of empowerment.

You may buy a feeding bra online as many fashionable choices are now available. Believe it or not, feeding bras ease the transition from pregnancy to breastfeeding.

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