6 Reasons Why Videos Are Helpful for Your Business to Grow

Video marketing has emerged as an excellent and unique way to help businesses grow rapidly and efficiently. Videos have risen to prominence by enabling seamless connections with visitors and turning them into customers.

Incorporating video marketing into your business’s online campaign will elevate things and bring surprisingly good results. Your business needs to understand that videos have become the modern solution to establish strong connections with the viewers.

It will help you show visitors that you’re not any other faceless brand, but more than that. The best video marketing strategies ensure far more reachability and credibility than before. If you still have doubts, check why embracing videos within your marketing strategy is effective and beneficial to your business.

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1. Wider Reachability

You can easily expand your brand reach by using the best video editor, making a stunning range of videos, and adding them to your online marketing strategy. Video marketing has become a cost-effective way to get free access to substantial traffic sources, like YouTube. You can spread the word about your brand in a cheap yet result-driven manner.

Embedding videos becomes easy for users when you produce them on websites and share them on social media or by email. Now, users prefer to share video content on the internet more than any written content. After studying a few top pages on Facebook, it’s found that video content gets shared 1200% more than any text posts or links.

2. Videos Are More Memorable than Any Text-Based Content

Most consumers don’t remember the last Google AdWords ad they have seen in the web browser. Hundreds and thousands of marketing messages are posted online every day, including those that don’t even register. It’s okay to say that online users are rapidly getting annoyed by banner ads. They always try to ignore them.

Even if the written content grabs your attention, the chances are that you’ll forget it soon. However, the scenario is different for commercial videos. Anyone can ignore text-based content, but it’s next to impossible to ignore video content. Visual effects and graphics have much more impact on the human mind than simple, plain texts. For that, you can use any web based free video editor tool to create video content.  So, take advantage of that.

3. Get the Best Out of Customer Testimonials

By leveraging customer testimonials, your business can boost its credibility and chances of converting visitors into customers. With strategic testimonials, you can easily convince the visitors to do business with you. One survey showed that customer reviews are 12 times more trustworthy than any claim or statement from the brand itself.

Although written testimonials are not bad, video testimonials are way more effective and useful than written ones. Videos connect with sceptical users and reassure them that your customers are genuinely happy and satisfied. It alleviates suspicions about brands using stock photos and manufacturing testimonials as video testimonials are challenging and troublesome to fake.

Video testimonials ensure a better touch of personalisation than any written counterparts.

4. Incorporate Personality into your Marketing Efforts

Video editing is an excellent way to incorporate your personality into marketing efforts. There is plenty of written content that seems sterile and boring on the internet. It’s like watching paint dry. Plus, the marketers seem to elevate things to the extreme by highlighting things in capital letters and making the content seem pushy.

It’s imperative to know that any visitor would like to do business with a brand they know, like, and have faith in. No matter if you’re genuine and offering excellent products, not showing your brand’s face to the audience and simply using a corporate logo won’t fetch you the desired results. Your business must have a personality in its marketing messages for the visitors.

For instance, Dollar Shave Club used video to show his face and funny personality to the audience to connect with them. Surprisingly, the video got more than 650,000 Facebook likes and 15 million YouTube views. Visitors will remember the “funny guy with razor blades” more than any text ad. This leads you to the following benefit of video marketing:

5. Videos Drive a Boost in SEO

If you look at 70% of the top 100 search results listings, you will find nothing but videos. Thus, leveraging videos for promoting your brand will drive a significant SEO boost. Now, search engines like Google are helping out video-makers with streams of qualified leads and free traffic that has more likelihood of turning into customers.

There’s a valid reason why search engines consider videos their top priority. It’s likely that your niche already covered plenty of blog posts, whitepapers, and articles. This content type has fierce competition to rank well. However, videos hold a higher chance of ranking on the first page of the SERPs, though it’s becoming challenging as more brands have started to embrace and leverage video.

As per Moz, an SEO authority, web content that incorporates videos drives three times more inbound links than any simple text-based posts. Video content with plenty of backlinks enjoys higher rankings on the SERPs. Moreover, the average time spent by the users on your website or web pages gets significantly increased with the help of videos. To evaluate SEO rankings, you can use the average duration on the website as a crucial metric and get extra time to persuade the visitors to make a buying decision.

6. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Advertising and promoting your brand online brings unique hassles every day. For instance, visitors cannot always see the way your product works, or they can’t try it (apparel) before making a purchase. These challenges can be resolved with the help of videos. You can easily turn your visitors into buying customers with videos that show your products or services being used. Things become easier for your target audience when they can visualise the product/service that you’re selling.

Your visitors won’t have to read and understand the written content for hours to determine how your product/service works. They can simply watch the video to understand what it’s all about. Videos are also excellent for deciding the customer’s expectations. Having a better idea of what they’re buying beforehand enables customers to enjoy reduced return rates and increased satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

Incorporating videos into your marketing campaign gives you excellent and unique ways to connect with potential buyers and many benefits that you won’t get from text-based content. However, it’s absurd to avoid text-based content altogether. You can leverage the benefits of both video and text-based content to get the best out of them. You must explore video marketing to discover new ways to stand out in this competitive online business world.

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