List of The Top iPhone Clipboard Managers

The iPhone’s built-in clipboard manager does a decent job. You can use it for copy-pasting files and texts. The clipboard is stored in virtual memory because it is an internal function. But it does come with some limitations, such as storing a single copied information at a time and not being able to see the clipboard’s history. On the other hand, third-party clipboard managers can remove limitations and ensure you have a better experience using your iPhone. So if you wonder how to see clipboard history on iPhone, the answer is a third-party app. 

Here are some top iPhone clipboard managers. 


QuickClip is a no-frills, simple clipboard manager for iOS devices. The tool provides a space to store all the clippings, and you can create folders and categorize the clippings. 

You can get QuickClip for $0.99. 


Paste is hailed as one of the best iPhone clipboard managers, and for a good reason. It integrates seamlessly with the Apple ecosystem and is packed with exciting features. 

If you are using a single account with your Apple devices, Paste will sync across them and ensure you never lose your copied information. Whether you are copying links, images, files, or text, the app saves all the information and allows you to access it anytime. Moreover, you can access copied data from a year or a month ago. 

The application even protects your data, and you can select which applications Paste can use to store data and information.

Paste’s intelligent search feature ensures you can access data without completely remembering the information. In addition, thanks to the app’s at-a-glance function, you can access your work, save and edit to speed up your workflow. 


Copied allows users to save tons of information into the clipboard, including links, texts, and images. Then, after clipping them to the clipboard, you can paste them anywhere you want. 

You can even transform the texts on the clipboard into different formats using special formatters. The in-built browser of the app automatically saves the data copied from websites. Furthermore, all the clippings are synced across your iOS devices. 

If you have several clips clipped to the clipboard, you can drag them to perform batch actions. This will make it easier for you to find the information you need. The list can even be rearranged at your convenience.  

Copy Better 

Copy Better is a user-friendly clipboard manager, and while the features aren’t extensive, the app does the job. With this application, you can save and edit the clippings or create new ones. The clips can be default texts, images, or formatted texts. The clips can even be saved into folders, and you can mark some of them as favorites to access them easily. 

The app also comes with a keyboard, allowing you to paste clips into different applications quickly. 

Moreover, the app offers a Siri extension. 


Clip+ is another widely used clipboard manager with a cool feature. When a phone number is copied, the app automatically detects it. So you can directly call the number from within the application. Also, if you copy a website’s URL, simply click on it, and it will open in a web browser. 

The app supports Apple Watch, and there’s a Today widget where you can access the clippings. In addition, you can reorder the items according to your convenience. 


Clipper is a resourceful buffer manager that automatically saves everything that you copy. The saved notes can be accessed anytime so that you can copy and paste, view, group, and edit them into different lists. In addition, these lists can be shared with your friends. 

The text information you use regularly can be saved as notes. You can copy and paste the notes anywhere you want instead of typing them out. 

The interface’s settings can be altered, and you can customize the app’s functions. You can even turn on or off the notifications. 

When you launch the app, you’ll find a short guide on how to use the app. Go through the guide to quickly get the hang of this application. 


SnipNotes is a clipboard manager offering a wide range of features. This application is for you if you like to format your clippings and notes. 

The application is integrated with macOS, iOS, Apple Watch, and iPad. This allows you to dictate your notes via your Apple Watch or phone. Thanks to the iPad’s split-screen feature, you can also capture and move notes between applications. 

When accessing your clippings or notes, you need not worry about being connected to the Wi-Fi. The application saves all the notes offline, making them readily available when you need them. 

The app seamlessly integrates with other applications on your phone, such as Calendar and Maps. 

Bottom Line 

These clipboard managers are worth checking out. Go through their features and compare them to make your choice. 

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