Avoid These Mistakes With Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Consumption

From helping your digestion to improving your skin’s health, apple cider vinegar is the magic food that offers tremendous benefits.

Much like every other food item, this drink also requires you to exercise some caution with its intake. Unless you’re taking gummies from brands like Goli, you need to be mindful about how and when you’re consuming them.

If you’re wondering whether you’re committing a mistake with the intake, check out this list to know better!

Consuming it directly


You might think that taking ACV without diluting it can be a good idea, but it’ll hurt you. Since vinegar has high acidic properties, you can severely damage your oesophagus and stomach.

Take your all-time liquid buddy, water, with the drink to consume it safely.

Note: If it doesn’t seem right to you, it’s best to consume the sensitively designed gummies for ACV benefits.

Taking it after your meal

While consuming the ACV before meals helps with digestion, consuming it on a stomach full of food might not be as fruitful. You can even add it to your salads to hint at the citrusy flavour and make the consumption more palatable.

Smelling it

Yeah! You were curious about the strong scent of ACV that everyone talks about. But, wait. Don’t breathe it in.

The pungent whiff of vinegar can irritate your nose or cause an unpleasant reaction. It’s best to stick to the available gummies on the market to avoid facing any repulsive scents. These will offer you the same benefits, but you won’t have to face the problems that come with its natural form.

Go overboard with its consumption.

ACV is fantastic for your health, but let your body get accustomed first.

If you’ve just started with vinegar consumption, it’s essential to ease your way in. Start by taking small doses in diluted form using a straw. Progress further if you don’t experience any issues.

Apply it directly to your face

Some influencers might convince you to use ACV as a toner or a blemish remover, but beware! It’s not a good idea to directly put acetic acid on your face. It can cause severe burns and give you scars that you won’t like.

If you have to apply ACV, it’s essential to dilute it first and not let it come in direct contact with your skin.

Note: The golden rule to vinegar use is mixing one part of the acid with eight or ten portions of water!

Using ACV with stomach conditions

Apple cider vinegar boosts your gut health. There’s no doubt about it.

However, if you face certain stomach conditions like ulcers, it’s best to consult your doctor first. Since ACV contains acetic acid, you might face more belly burns with the intake.

In a nutshell

ACV drink has gained popularity in recent years and for all the right reasons. From controlling your insulin to aiding in weight loss, vinegar has helped innumerable people. However, reaping the perks of raw cider consumption comes with essential precautions that can’t be ignored.

With that being said, you can still enjoy the advantages the food offers without facing any side effects using Goli gummies.

Now that you know all about raw ACV consumption, you are better positioned to make the right choice with your daily routine.

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